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Yoga at ATLAS

We believe in a holistic, comprehensive approach to fitness at ATLAS Gym – and if you’re looking for a way to increase your fitness as well as improve your flexibility and strength, as well as mental clarity, then Yoga classes in our Chippenham town centre gym are the perfect solution for you.

Far from being a relaxing stretch on a mat, yoga can be an intense workout which helps create a better all-round level of fitness. Originating in ancient India, the practice combines aspects of cardio with strength training which make it the perfect introduction to gym classes or a way to improve your fitness alongside other classes.

Suitable for all levels of ability, yoga – when practised regularly – will stretch and tone your muscles, and many of its core poses focus heavily on strength. You’ll build your core strength and abs with poses such as the plank, improve arm strength with poses like warrior, and work on tight hips and other niggles which might be holding back your fitness elsewhere. Yoga can also help improve your posture, which is beneficial in alleviating aches and pains – particularly in office jobs – as well as contributing to better form in other areas of fitness.

The Technique

The deep breathing techniques used in yoga, called Pranayama, is also a huge benefit of practising yoga with us here in Chippenham. The focus on this type of breathing can help increase lung capacity, as it causes you to slow the breath, and breathe fully into your lungs. Not only can this bring mental benefits such as feeling more relaxed and grounded, it also helps increase the amount of air your lungs can hold, which is a huge boost on your fitness journey with us.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Studies have shown numerous unexpected health benefits from yoga practice. When you join ATLAS yoga classes Chippenham, you are opening yourself up to transforming your stress levels and improving your brain function – and that’s after one class. After a few months of regular practice, you’ll benefit from lowered blood pressure, reduced chronic neck or back pain, and improved balances, as well as the increased lung capacity. It truly is a whole-body experience which works perfectly as an addition to your existing workout – and a good way to introduce a lower-intensity workout which still packs plenty of health benefits into your weekly routine. However, it is also a fantastic introduction to the gym for those who are unsure of their fitness levels or want to gradually improve their fitness, as yoga can be modified and adapted to suit all fitness levels, abilities, and body types to make it accessible and beneficial for all.

Our specially designed fitness studio is the ideal setting for you to introduce the health and fitness benefits of yoga practice into your routine, and with dedicated and knowledgeable instructors, you can be sure of all the support you need to reach your goals.

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Savage Strength have provided us with a formidable range of barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, speciality flooring and a nine-metre long rig consisting of eight squat racks. We also house olympic rings, suspension training accessories and a 14 metre strip of astroturf for sport specific sled pulls and prowler pushes.
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Our high-tech cardiovascular and resistance machinery is large and accommodates all ability levels. Every cardiovascular machine features its own entertainment centre which is controlled at your fingerprint. We’ve also housed multiple amounts of selected resistance machines to accommodate for their popularity at peak times.
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