Maximise Your Workout In The Gym And Lose Weight With These Tips
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Maximise Your Workout In The Gym And Lose Weight With These Tips

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Planning on hitting the gym? Here are some tips for you to maximise your time to burn those fats, tone your muscles, and get in the best shape of your life!

Fill up the tank!

It's hard to get your workout going if you are not at full capacity. To make the most out of your workout, you also have to maximise your nutrition. Studies shows that what you eat before you workout plays a big role in the results. The recommendation before working out is to have a meal at least 30-45 minutes a before. Eat a combination of complex carbs and protein. Eat light meals so you won't get fatigued.


Getting dehydrated during a workout session causes dizziness and fatigue. Before going to the gym, be sure you are already well hydrated. You can have short breaks to drink water during exercise. This helps you sustain the intensity you need to maximise your calorie burn.


If your goals are to burn fat and tone your muscles, the best thing to do this is to incorporate interval training. The benefit of high intensity interval training is that it takes a lot less time than your typical cardio workout and burn fat more efficiently. Learn multi-tasking moves that work several muscle sets at the same time.


Resistance exercises builds muscle. These exercises will continue to burn a higher number of calories. Another advantage of weight training is that it keeps your muscles toned and in shape.

Don’t waste time

Get to work as soon as you walk into the gym. Avoid any long breaks, focus on getting your heart rate up. It's highly advisable to limit breaks to 30-45 seconds to catch your breath and have a drink of water. If you need some direction and something to help you focus, look into following a set workout program or participate in an exercise class to stay on track and push yourself that bit further.


A warm-up and cool down stretch consists of 5-10 minutes of light-moderate activity that uses large muscle groups. It gently prepares the body for exercise by slowly increasing your heart rate and circulation until your body is ready for more.

If you do not stretch, the muscles shorten and become tight—limiting your range of movement and making you more vulnerable to injury.

More is not better

If you are using your time well, a 45 minute workout to an hour is all that is needed. 

Vary your workout

If you do the same workout everyday, your body will get used to it and burn less calories. Try doing something different by adding in a different prop to challenge yourself or try a different technique on equipment you already use.

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