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To join, simply give us a call, send an email so we can arrange for you to come into the gym. Once you’re here, we will give you a tour of the gym and then the rest will be taken care of there and then so you don’t have to come back to sign up!
We deal with selected companies and if any our interested then they should contact us (please see our contact us page).
The minimum age requirement is 16.
Anybody between the ages of 16-17 will be limited to use the gym in staffed hours only and will not be granted 24HR access.
Upon visiting the gym after signing up as a member you will be given an access card. The access card will grant you entry to the gym during the times allowed by your membership package.
If you experience problems while trying to join, please fill in the form in the contact us section and we’ll be in touch.
We require one months' notice for all cancellations on our gym memberships.
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